I'm Jes, an awkward, Harry-potter lovin', obsessive organizer, spartan-alum (Go Green) who lives in michigan with my engineering husband & two ridiculously spoiled pups! (Seriously...I'm not strong
Enough to say no to their cute faces!!) 

I am a social worker who is passionate about helping people;

shocking, right? 

I learned about helping people process emotions & experiences, connecting them to resources, Diagnosing & treating mental illness & empowering & enriching the lives of my clients.   

As a social worker, I've learned my textbooks were usually wrong about client interaction, how to complete paperwork like my job is dependent on it (it is) & that despite wanting change, it can still be incredibly difficult for people to accomplish. 

What I've had to learn along the way, from co-workers, friends, family & research, is how important it is to take care of myself emotionally. So frequently we hear about physical health-try this new diet, this is the best way to work out, try this healthy new ice cream that really just tastes like water.  

What we don't hear about is how caring for ourselves is vital to everything in our lives. How when we fail to do it, we can feel a whole mess of things, burn bridges accidentally & become an entirely different person. How self-care activities simply are not enough. How it can sometimes feel like work just to care for ourselves so we can live the life we dream of & deserve.  

so cue the awesome entrance music- here is Pause with Purpose. A place to retrain your attitudes towards self-care, to create habits of well-being that last longer than the watered-down pint of ice cream. A community of others trying to figure life out too, because learning doesn't stop after school is over.   

I hope you love it as much as I do!